Collective action to improve our livelihood


In the winter of 2012, a group of women began meeting as part of  traditional story exchange and workshop featuring traditional Liberian folktales and music in Park Hill.  We wanted to place a stage and spotlight on one aspect of the rich cultural contributions found in this community.  In doing so, we hope it inspires more to come forward and share their traditions.  The Liberian Women’s Folklore Project began as part of  the Adult Learning Program. This program provided an opportunity to learn reading and writing of English and guides people through the process of citizenship.  In addition to learning, the program exchanges knowledge by sharing traditional stories and songs. An important part of the Liberian Women’s Folklore Project to keep traditional knowledge preserved so that our children might understand their rich cultural history that they come from.  We hope that this program will give you an idea of the cultural contributions that this group elders have to offer all of us. To keep this effort going, we need your help!  If you have stories, songs, dance, or any other traditions that you would like to share, please contact Adama at (347) 857-5150.  Please join the Adult Learning Center and join our cultural preservation project!