Collective action to improve our livelihood


Dear Colleagues,
This Saturday, October 5th, marked the beginning of what I would consider “Mission Accomplished” for Napela and its partner, Staten Island Arts. My profound thanks and appreciation goes to the Deputy Director/Director, Staten Island Arts, Christopher Mule and his wife, the Executive Director and founder of Napela, Adama Fassah, Solomon Fassah and other members of the Board who consciously contributed to the success of this event. I also wish to express my profound thanks on behalf of Napela to our friends and well wishers, particularly those living outside the State of New York, who made significant contribution to the purchase of two large tents which were presented to the African market center on Park Hill over the week end at an elaborate traditional program organized by Staten Island Arts. Indeed, Saturday, October 5th was an historic event for both Napela and Staten Island Arts and a decisive victory for our community. Congratulations! As we prepare for the extension of our project, we are once more appealing to the general public for its support. Our commitment to improving the livelihood of our African Immigrant women and their families has no limit and our determination to achieve our objective of improving their livelihood is unwavering, I can assure you. We look forward to receiving more support from our friends and people who believe in protecting the dignity of the person, and the creation of opportunities for our mothers.
Thank you again for your hard work and congratulation for a successful start.
We urge you to please visit us on our website at You can also find us on face book.

Very truly yours,

Napela, Inc.

Joe Dugbo, II
Board Chairman

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